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Christie Riddle

Christie (or Mommy) is the head of Running Riddles. Without her, none of what we do would be possible. She is always there to cheer on and support the team and is on the lookout for fun and new racing opportunities. In fact, she was the one that suggested the 50 Marathons in 50 States challenge to Aaron! When Leroy participates in K9-friendly races, Christie is his handler. So without Christie, there would be no Running Riddles.

She is also one of the top hedgehog breeders in the country (yes, HEDGEHOGS!) certified by the USDA. Along with selling hedgehogs as pets and educating the public about these awesome critters, she also owns and operates Hedgehog City, an online retailer of hedgehog accessories and supplies.

Christie is fluent in Russian (having studied and lived in Moscow for a portion of her college studies), loves animals, nature, Little House on the Prairie, and is one of the best cooks you can find.

Christie’s Races