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Corinne Riddle

Corinne Riddle Running RiddlesCorinne is the oldest of the Riddle sisters. Currently a student at Frederick County Middle School, her passion is ballet, singing, and piano. As a ballerina at Vostrikov’s Academy of Ballet, she has been an integral part of numerous performances, including the lead part of Clara in “The Nutcracker”.

When it comes to running, Corinne loves to be a part of races with a tinge of fun to them. She loves color runs, 5Ks incorporating obstacles, and holiday-themed races where dressing up is encouraged! Her “never give up” attitude is a cornerstone of the team, and if it is a race only her Dad (Aaron) or sister (Caitlin) are running, you can bet she will be there cheering them on.

Corinne’s Race PRs

Corinne’s Races