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Joshua Riddle

Joshua Riddle Team Running Riddles

Josh with his daughter Ellie and wife Katy.

Josh is Aaron’s brother. He is an entrepreneur that has been involved in a variety of businesses including software engineering, digital marketing and cryptocurrencies.

Like many people, work has always been a priority for Josh at the expense of improved health. The past decade was very sedentary with sporadic bouts of exercise. In early 2018 Josh made long term health a priority and started a disciplined schedule of cardiovascular and strength training. Running was never a focus, but he set a goal of running a mile without stopping. Having not run any significant distance since he was 16 (after having surgery to correct two herniated discs after a major back injury) and years without any exercise, it took weeks to reach that goal. From there he caught the running bug, and with Aaron’s support his training progressed. He has run multiple 5ks and set a new goal of a half-marathon in 2019.

Josh’s Race PRs

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