3rd Annual “Color Me Clarke” 5k Color Fun Run / Walk

3rd Annual Color Me Clarke 5K Fun Run Running Riddles 6

Coated in Clarke County Colors!

While this summer race we did in 2017 featured no PRs, fast times or a certified course, it was certainly one of the most fun races / runs we did all year!

This fun / run walk was held in Berryville, VA at the Clarke County Parks and Recreation facility to benefit Clarke County Public Schools. The course leads you out along the park’s main trail and then back again for an approximate 5K distance.

The fun of this run is COLOR. If you have never done a color run before, while racing along the course you make your way through various stations where volunteers pelt, pour, and smack you with a bunch of color dyed corn starch. This race featured FOUR zones that you would run through…orange, blue, red, and green…so we were sure to be blasted with plenty of color.

We arrived at the race with plenty of time to get our race bibs and white shirts for the run (white = more color to be shown). Our race packets also included several pouches of colored corn starch for the big color finale at the end (more on that shortly). There was plenty of music, mascot shenanigans, and photo stations to keep everyone occupied until the race began.

As we gathered at the starting line, Caitlin and I planned to go at an easy running pace to enjoy the run…while Corinne would do her easy pace too. The course itself was very flat…your typical park trail…but it seemed to go by very quickly due to the anticipation of the color stations. Each time we ran through one, I yelled at the volunteers to blast Caitlin with as much color as they could. I believe this backfired as I was wound up with more color on me than she did….so much so that I couldn’t even see my watch as it was caked in so much colored corn starch.

Caitlin and I finished the race with a time between 32:00 – 34:00 with Corinne coming in shortly after. While the three of us were colored-up nicely, once everyone finished the race, the race organizers gathered everyone together at the main podium. They instructed us to take out our bags of color from the race packets, and then counting down from 10, once we hit zero everyone threw their bags of color into the air.

Christie took this video of the Grand Color Finale:

Myself and the girls were coated from head to toe in color as you can see. We realized shortly after that we did not bring a change of clothes other than t-shirts. I had promised everyone we would go to Denny’s for breakfast afterwards, so we did our best to clean ourselves up and then headed out to eat. I’m pretty sure we got some strange looks in the restaurant.

The race was a blast and we definitely plan on doing it again in 2018. I’m pretty sure I will STILL have some color left in my shoes from the previous year!

Race Day Photos:

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