8th Annual South Berkeley Christmas 5K

During one of our fall 2017 5Ks, we received a postcard flyer advertising this fun Christmas race in Inwood, WV. When we saw that dogs were welcome as it benefits the local Humane Society, we decided to give it a try and bring along our beagle Leroy.

The race encouraged festive costumes, so we all did our best to dress in the holiday spirit. Christie was decked out in full Christmas attire complete with jingle bell socks, Corinne and Caitlin wore their Christmas pajama pants, and Aaron attached our Christmas house elf Clementine to his cap (being her second race following the 2017 Walt Disney World Marathon). Leroy even got in the holiday spirit with a Christmas jingle dog collar.

The race course took place on the main stretch of Route 11 that runs through Inwood, WV and kicks off right before their annual Christmas parade. Roughly 800 runners and walkers participated and it was one of the more fun racing experiences we have had. The race course was lined with people cheering on all the race participants as they awaited the start of the parade which followed after.

Aaron planned to try and get a PR for this 5K, while Caitlin decided to run along at Corinne’s pace to try and push her sister to getting a PR as well. Christie took the job of leading Leroy along as the dog walkers were held back until all the runners took off after a loud cannon blast (Leroy didn’t mind one bit).

Caitlin’s job to push her sister worked as Corinne set a 5K PR of 39:46. Aaron also set a 5K PR with a time of 21:14 placing 36 of 803 and 3rd in the Male 35-39 age group (47 total). Christie led Leroy to finish his first ever dog 5K. He was super well-behaved and even attended the awards ceremony inside afterwards.


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