Trick-or-Treat 5K and Family Fun Run 2017

Trick-or-Treat 5K and Family Fun Run 2017 Running Riddles 2

Ready to run in costume.

This Halloween 5K was a trail fun run with optional fall-themed obstacles hosted by the trail running organization Roots and Rocks Adventures. It took place at Sky Meadows State Park in Delaplane, VA along one of its scenic nature trails. Reading beforehand that costumes were encouraged, Corinne, Caitlin, and I decided to dress up in some make-shift costumes for this race. I was some sort of skeletal bandit, Caitlin was a running bat girl, and Corinne re-used some of her schoolgirl werewolf costume from a past Halloween.

We decided to run this race for fun (times didn’t matter) going our own pace AND participating in all the obstacle courses and challenges we came to. If you completed each challenge you would be awarded a piece of a pumpkin face to put on your race bib. Finish with all five pieces and you could use your bib to pick out a free pumpkin from the Sky Meadows Park pumpkin patch afterwards.

The Run with “Trick” and “Treat” Challenges

It was a pretty warm day for October (I was hot wearing all black and Corinne even hotter wearing a furry wolf hat with pants). We started the race off all together with Caitlin and I eventually moving ahead as Corinne settled into her own pace. The first challenge was an apple toss, where you had to toss an apple into a basket in three tries. I made it on the first shot, and Caitlin made it on the third. After another half mile we came to the second “treat” station where you had to drink a cup full of apple cider. Not doing too well with super sugary drinks, I took a sip and said I was good. Caitlin took three sips and we were on our way.

Trick-or-Treat 5K and Family Fun Run 2017 Running Riddles 4

Finishing the fun run with our ears of corn.

Either by design as a “trick” or by coincidence, the trail came to a very steep rocky incline shortly after the cider station as it led us into the woods. We took our time ascending the hill  and watched our footing as we began our descent after the top. As the trail flattened out and opened up into a clearing, we arrived at challenge number three. Here you had to husk an ear of flint / Indian corn. The gentleman manning the station said we could keep the decorative corn if we wanted, so Caitlin and I decided to carry it with us the rest of the way as an extra challenge.

The trail headed downhill into a field where we came to challenge four involving hay bales. To complete it you grabbed a hay bale and had to carry or drag it 10 yards. I’m pretty sure Caitlin could have drug two or three bales at the same time so this was no problem. We made our way from the clearing back into the woods along a slight incline. Here Caitlin and I saw a deer bounding effortlessly through the woods up the hill. I distinctly remember this as Caitlin said she wished she was a deer and that running uphill was that easy.

After coming to the top of the hill the last part of the trail took us back through a field towards the starting point where the last challenge was located. Here you got your “treat” in the form of a pumpkin cookie. We grabbed our cookies and sprinted down to the finish line. Christie told us that one of the runners in front of us almost got lost on the trail, so we were concerned Corinne might have that trouble too. I decided to run back out along the trail to finish with her and by the time I started she was coming down the hill to finish.

While not a large race it was still a lot of fun and we will definitely consider doing it again next year especially since we were able to get three free large pumpkins from the pumpkin patch afterwards! The Roots and Rocks Adventures group did a great job organizing this fun family run and had lots of special prizes at the end for all participants.

Fun Run Photos

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