Introducing Our Sponsor – Run with a Smile!

Run with a Smile SponsorRun with a Smile is a new clothing and accessory brand that fully embraces a belief we hold very strongly at Team Running Riddles…and that is always having a positive attitude when you run! 

Keep running. Keep smiling. That’s their motto! As we have learned through our own racing experiences, staying positive and smiling can not only make your run enjoyable, but sometimes even improve your performance. However the greatest benefit is that smiles and positive thoughts spread to those around you at a race…creating a wonderful and encouraging atmosphere for all.

Over at the Run with a Smile website they feature many t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and other items that focus on keeping a positive mindset when running, training, racing, coming up with a running goal, or helping others embrace the running lifestyle. Some of their designs are humorous, some are motivational, but all are full of positivity.

We are very happy to have them as our sponsor and will do our best to help promote their message of spreading smiles throughout the running community.

Contact us and we will give you a 10% off code to use on their website for any Run with a Smile purchase!


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